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Tile Cleaning Errors to Avoid

Tile cleaning can be a tough task for any homeowner. There are a lot of people out there who don’t really know what to do to properly clean their tiles yet they still go about it without really thinking about the consequences that can happen.

This can be very risky as you can end up damaging your tiles and ruining them completely. Certainly this is not something that you want to happen in your home. Sadly, a lot of homeowners commit simple mistakes that end up having a big effect on their tiles. To serve as a warning, here are some of the common tile cleaning mistakes that you should stay away from.

  • Using Improper Tile Cleaning Solutions – Some tile owners think that all tiles are the same and as such they can use about any tile cleaning solution on any kind of tiles. Well, this is certainly not the case are there are many different kinds of tiles that are being used nowadays. Some tiles are more sensitive than others when it comes to cleaning; such is the case with natural stone tiles. This is why using an improper tile cleaning solution can be a very costly mistake that you should avoid making. Using a highly acidic cleaning solution on marble or granite for example will result in damage to the latter as well as etching which will totally ruin your natural stone tiles. That is why always using only those products which are safe and compatible with your tiles is important.
  • Not Cleaning Up Spills Properly and Quickly – Another issue that many tile owners tend to commit is not taking a proper and swift approach when it comes to cleaning up spills. This is very costly because spills are one of the main reasons for stains on the tiles. The longer you allow a spill to be on the carpet the higher the chances that you will have a nasty stain later. That is why properly and quickly dealing with spills on your tiles is very important. This can really help prevent stains on your tiles in order for you to properly maintain its cleanliness and beauty.
  • Not Sweeping and Polishing the Tiles Regularly – This is one problem that many homeowners commit. They think that having tiles mean that you don’t have to clean it as often as you do carpets and other kinds of flooring. Well, not sweeping and polishing the tiles can have negative effects. It can cause your tiles to become dull and unattractive if you don’t sweep or polish it for long periods of time. Also, small pebbles and soil particles can cause scratches on your tiles which can likewise affect its appearance. This is why you should not make this mistake and always see to it that you sweep and polish your tiles regularly in order to keep it beautiful and in good condition.

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What Others Say

Made my grungy carpet look brand new

Linda Gafford, Wildwood Fl

I’ve lived in The Plantations for 9 years. I have had 4 or 5 carpet cleaners before and was never satisfied with other carpet cleaning companies. This is the only time my carpet looked new. I had to clean up after all the other cleaners.

James Valentine - Leesburg, FL

I couldnt be happier with Ernie and Ivy. My Tile looks new. Vans carpet cleaning has been cleaning our carpets and tile for many years. Always wonderful, always on time. Its nice to have such nice people to deal with. Its so nice to have such a trustworthy company to work with. We are very happy with results!

Claudette G. -- Eustis, FL

I was so impressed I had them clean the tiled areas especially the kitchen floor where the grout was terribly discolored. I noticed the difference every time i entered the kitchen. Even more impressive was the follow up call to check on my experience. That’s a sign of a good company. So I offered to write this recommendation because I had a difficult time finding good reviews for carpet cleaners.


excellent service and peformance

Susan Jones, The Villages Fl