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Tips to Get Rid of Ice Cream Spills on Your Carpet

Carpets are great to have in your home. It adds a certain kind of comfort and beauty that you and your entire family will surely enjoy. But while it can be a nice accessory to have in any room, keeping it clean can be a tough job for any homeowner.

Carpets can become messy pretty easily. One of the main concerns that homeowners have is that spills can happen quite often and it can have nasty results such as stains on your beautiful carpet. One such problem that many carpet owners are having trouble with is dealing with ice cream spills. Ice cream can get spilled by kids playing around inside your house very commonly which can then be a challenge for the carpet owners to clean up. If you have trouble with ice cream spills on your carpet, here are a few tips to help you get rid of it effectively.

  • Clean It Up Right Away – This is one tip which can really help make it a lot easier to clean up the ice cream spill on your carpet. Cleaning the mess as soon as possible is vital in order to make cleaning up the ice cream spill more manageable. Try to quickly clean up the ice cream spill immediately to avoid having it spread to other areas of the carpet. Also, the ice cream melts so if you wait a long time before cleaning up the spill there will be a high chance that the melted ice cream will seep deeper into the carpet making it more problematic to remove.
  • Remove the Excess Ice Cream Using a Spoon – Before you can clean up the stain which the ice cream spill has caused, you should always try to clear up the area first. You will need to remove the excess ice cream on the carpet and in order to do this properly; you can make use of a spoon in order to carefully scoop up the spill. This will help clear the area and prepare it for the next step which is for you to deal with the stain or marks that it has left behind. Doing this quickly can make a big difference in being able to remove the spill properly and more easily.

Hopefully these tips will help you out in removing the ice cream spill on your carpet. Be sure to keep these in mind so that you won’t have a lot of trouble in dealing with this carpet cleaning problem.

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The carpet is old but it looks really good after cleaning

Jacqueline Kelly, Tavares Fl

I want to recommend Van’s Carpet Cleaning Service for both carpet and tile. A small flood discolored part ofc my wall-to-wall carpet while I was out of town. It was particularly noticeable because there had been a dirty floor mat on top of that part of the rug. I chose Van’s because they do real steam cleaning and their IICRC certification which Consumer Report recommends using while selecting a carpet cleaner. Even before I committed to use them, Ernie came out to estimate the cost and sprayed something to start working on the stain. Now it is almost gone. I doubt anyone else would know it was ever stained. The whole carpet looks fantastic even the darker frequently walked paths into the mbr and kitchen are gone. The carpet only been vacuumed and never professionally cleaned since we moved in almost 7 years ago so the paths were quite visible.


They are family

John Baker, Eustis Fl


Mary Brewster, Leesburg FL

Ernie was prompt and worked diligently and efficiently. I was amazed at how clean and new the Tile & Grout look. I thought they would never seem that pristine again.

L Grilgull, The Villages Fl