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Impress Your Summer Guests With Clean Carpet and Floors

Your guests look straight at the floor. 

One of the first pieces of décor a guest notices in your home is your carpet, rugs, and flooring.  How can you tell? Well, they have to look at the floor to see where they're walking, right?  

Within the first few seconds of entering a building, a guest has to look at the floor.

If your floor looks good, your guest instantly has positive feelings. If your floor is dirty or ugly, a not-so-clean feeling is etched in their mind.

Ask any Realtor; they'll tell you how important it is to have clean looking and odor-free floors. If you only improve the flooring of your home or office, you can more than double the value of your building in the eyes of the first time guest.

Have you felt this way when you walked into a dirty building?

I walked into a major retail store in town (I won't mention any names). Without thinking, I felt like the entire store was dirty. Then I noticed the shelves were clean.  The clothes were beautiful and clean. The tile floors looked fine. Even the employees looked great and cheerful.  

After looking around, trying to figure out why I felt it was so dirty, I saw the carpet was neglected.

There were drink spills everywhere and dirty traffic lanes. It was obvious the management didn't put much care in cleaning the carpet.

Another time, I talked with a different retail store manager that had filthy carpet. The manager agreed the floors looked bad, but she couldn't do anything about it.  

Apparently, the carpet was just cleaned a few days earlier by a national company that is contracted to clean for a very cheap price. Besides the spots that returned throughout the store, there were streaks in the carpet where the cleaning technician failed to overlap the dirty areas. They got what they paid for.

Make your floors beautiful and add value to your home

We have several clients who flip houses for a living. Many times, simply calling us to clean the carpet or tile floor can add thousands of dollars of value to the house.  

Our cleaning systems can do much more than your average cleaning company. We may cost a few dollars more, but we're worth it.

Book early for holiday cleaning. You want to make a great first impression on your guests this holiday season. We always get a rush of clients who call the week before Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas.  

We are typically booked 2 weeks in advance around the holidays.

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J Slagle, The Villages FL

Van's was on time, 8:00am and did a perfect job on cleaning our carpets. Ernie explained everything he was going to do and did a better job than anyone we have hired since living in the Villages 10 years. A great company to hire.

Joyce Beeman

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