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The very word makes some people nervous. For some it conjures images of toxic compounds that pollute and damage the environment. For others it may bring to mind unhealthy additives in our food and drink. Chemical can be a scary word. It makes sense to define what a chemical really is. One useful definition for the word is found in the World

English Dictionary: “chemical- any substance used in or resulting from a reaction involving changes to atoms or molecules, especially one derived artificially for practical use”. This definition sums it up quite well, because it covers all the bases for what we typically refer to as chemicals. Chemicals as they relate to cleaning, deodorization and sanitizing of surfaces are just that; compounds that are used to react with and change other compounds, such as oils, dirt and contamination.

You likely use chemicals on a daily basis as a safe and effective means to keep your home clean and healthy. This includes dish soap, laundry detergent, air fresheners, and even shampoo, soap and toothpaste. But what about the cleaning agents that professionals use when they come into your home to provide services such as carpet cleaning? Should you be concerned? Well, yes and no. We are in the midst of a green revolution; a general shift toward using products that are safer for the environment. As a result, professional cleaners now have more products that are effective, safe and environmentally friendly. Organic cleaners, natural deodorizers and plantbased disinfectants are becoming more popular. As  onsumers become more environmentally aware, manufacturers of cleaning agents are also making significant headway into formulations that do not contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Still, some of the products used in professional cleaning products can be a cause for concern. Professionals and consumers alike should be conscious of how cleaning products are stored, used, and disposed of. In addition, the products used by professionals are usually in concentrated form. Label directions as to dilution and application must be followed. Hot water can remove a great deal of soil. In fact, water does the bulk of the work in carpet cleaning. But water alone is usually not enough to get your carpet to its cleanest possible state. There are too many soils and pollutants that bond to the carpet via chemical and molecular bonds must be broken. That’s why we use cleaning agents. Detergents, surfactants and buffering agents break the bonds that soils have on carpet. Some cleaning companies buy the cheapest chemicals they can get. Sure, the carpet looks cleaner, but the stain-resistance is compromised and the carpet will re-soil rapidly because of detergent residues. We choose cleaners that are effective, safe for people and pets, and easy on the environment, even though they cost a little more. We feel it’s worth it.  At times, because of the type of spot or stain we are dealing with, we must use products containing solvents, acids or alkalis. If so, our technicians are trained to mix, apply, neutralize and rinse so that no unwanted residues are left behind. The rinse water is captured and properly disposed of to assure that there is no negative impact on the environment. The bottom line is that whenever you have Van’s Carpet Cleaning clean for you, you can be assured of a healthier home, carpet that stays cleaner longer along with environmental responsibility.

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What Others Say

Ernie did a real good job. My Tile looks real good. I had forgot how it was supposed to look.

Ellen Sassaman - Lady Lake, FL

What I liked best was Ernie of course!! Everything was good!!

Betty Schrobilgen, The Villages Fl

My Grout came out cleaner than I had expected. It looks like new. Very pleasant staff. I have already recommended your company to friends.

Joanne Brown, The Villages Fl

We are in possession of a Chinese needlepoint done on silk that was given to my husband's parents in l938 by husband's father's brother, Uncle Richard, who was a missionary priest with the Passionist Fathers. He served in China from 1935 until he became a prisoner when China fell to communism and was imprisoned for seven years before his release. Over the years, this needlepoint (16" w x 48" long and framed) suffered what appeared to be rather severe water damage running about 15 inches from the top down. This piece had been made especially for Uncle Richard and was something that my husband has loved since he was a small boy. We contacted Vans Carpet Cleaning and they made an appointment to stop just to look at it. With no promise...Ernie took it with him and promised there would be no charge if it could not be cleaned. WELL....Ernie just brought it back to us and it looks WONDERFUL!!! I husband was speechless!! Ernie tried very hard as he knew the story. I asked him how long it took and he told us three house with Q-tips!!! The cost $149.99 plus $50.00 to preserve it to prevent any future damage. We would have paid so much more!! And we smile every day as we look at it proudly hanging!! THANK YOU VANS CARPET CLEANING!!!

Marilyn and John White

Best Cleaning I've ever had!

R. Bewersdorf, The Villages Fl