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Advantages of Sealing Your Grout

Tiles can really be a very beautiful addition to your home. It is for this reason that many homeowners nowadays decide to have tiles installed in their new homes or have remodelling done to add it to their existing houses. But while tiles are always getting attention, praise, and recognition for its appearance, one important thing that people may take for granted is the grout that keeps the tiles together.

Grout is the material being used for the placement and keeping together of your tiles. Even if you have very attractive tiles but your grout is dirty and filthy then it can really ruin the entire look of your tiles. This is why keeping your tiles clean is also very important.

One method which is being employed nowadays in trying to keep grout clean and in good condition is to seal it. Grout is porous in nature and as such it absorbs the dust, dirt, and liquid spills which cause it to become stained and dirty. This is why sealing the grout using sealant is a serious option that you should consider. If you are still undecided on whether to seal your grout at home, check out the list of advantages below that you could get if you go ahead and do it.

  • It Helps Protect Against Stains – If you have liquid spills on your tiles and grout, the liquid can get absorbed by the grout which then will cause a drastic change in its appearance or color. This problem not only affects the grout as it can also put off the appearance of your tiles, no matter how beautiful they may be. But if you go ahead and seal your grout then it will help your grout become more resistant to staining. Sealing the grout will prevent the liquid from food and drink spills from seeping and being absorbed in it this you will have a better chance of keeping your grout’s look and appearance with ease. This is definitely one of the biggest advantages of sealing your grout as spills and stains are one of the most common problems that homeowners encounter.
  • Keeps the Grout in Good Condition – Another advantage that you can get by sealing your grout is helping it stay in good condition. A lot of cleaning problems can happen to your grout such as stains, spots, and daily exposure to dust and dirt which is why it can get pretty dirty and filthy quite easily. On the other hand, when you seal your grout you are giving it a layer of protection from the said common cleaning issues. You are thus able to help keep your grout in good condition so that it will last for a long time.

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We called Van’s on the recommendation of DOC’s Restoration staff in Summerfield and are glad we did. Ivy VanGorder was great in timely scheduling the work during a day when the seller allowed us in just before the closing so furniture could be delivered the following week. Ernie arrived on time and was a true professional. It was a pleasure to have them complete our rug cleaning in our home. Van’s Rug Cleaning went out of their way to get us to our newly purchased home with a spotless rug. A definite return customer here! Veterans tell them who you are and they will hook you up!


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John Baker, Eustis Fl

 My stretched carpet looks great! Gentleman helped me put furniture back in room that I had taken out.

L Strong

My Grout came out cleaner than I had expected. It looks like new. Very pleasant staff. I have already recommended your company to friends.

Joanne Brown, The Villages Fl

I was so impressed I had them clean the tiled areas especially the kitchen floor where the grout was terribly discolored. I noticed the difference every time i entered the kitchen. Even more impressive was the follow up call to check on my experience. That’s a sign of a good company. So I offered to write this recommendation because I had a difficult time finding good reviews for carpet cleaners.